Friday, September 24, 2010

Customized Promotional Gifts For The Holidays

Ok, it's only the end of why am I already talking about holiday gifts.  This is the time to think about it. You know how fast these next few months will fly!

If you put it if off to the last minute, you run the risk of rush charges & the possibility the item will no longer be in stock. Everything takes longer this time of year because of the huge increase in business. It's not only the production of your promotional imprinted product, but UPS & FedEx add days to their delivery schedules.

Also, don't be the last one to give out your gift. Get it delivered before your competition does & most importantly, when it will be remembered & appreciated. If you wait until December 22 & 23, it will most likely be pushed aside & forgotten as people concentrate on their own shopping & holiday plans.

I actually think you will make a bigger impact if you give it long before anyone else--like around Thanksgiving. Choose a personalized gift, with your company name & logo, that is both relative to your industry & is useful to your client. The more they like it & the more useful it is, the more they will use the item, giving your business repeated exposure throughout the year.

It's so important to give your customers a gift to let them know you appreciate their business. If this is where you decide to budget, you may run the risk their loyalty will fizzle out.

Promotional custom products that are gifts must meet the following criteria in order to be effective:
1. The items must be useful. Ideally give something that can be used daily in order to keep the memory of your company visible.
2. The products must have value. This doesn't mean you have to spend alot on the gift but don't give out the fifty cents pen you've been handing out all year. Make sure they know it's special & meant for them--not something you bought to distribute among the public for company recognition.
3. The item must be appropriate for your targeted audience. The same rule applies here that applies when you give out promotional imprinted products to the public. Be aware of the recipient's age group, the area they are from, etc.
4. The gift should be personalized clearly with your company logo. Remind your customer who gave them the gift & hopefully it can be something that remains visible long after the holidays are over.

With an unlimited choice of personalized items, you can get creative & give a gift that is both useful & one that compliments your company. Here are a few ideas:
1. Candy Dish--if you call on your customer throughout the year, make sure to bring candy or nuts to refill the dish during the sales call......conversation hearts in February, jelly beans in the spring or candy corn in the fall.
2. Gift Baskets filled with gourmet food that includes drinkware with your logo on it......ceramic coffee mugs, insulated travel tumblers or stainless steel water bottles. 
3. Gifts That Lights Up......a mouse, mouse pads, flashdrives, pens or luggage tags to name just a few.
4. Fleece Blankets with your logo embroidered in the corner. These are long-lasting gifts.
5. Digital Picture Frames--these are so popular & perfect for anyone who has a family or is involved in sports or an organization.
6. Protective Covers For Laptops--most people have laptops, but after purchasing one, many don't want to spend the extra money on a cover & put off buying it until a later date. This could be a welcome gift & depending on your budget, they come in both leather & synthetic materials. On a gift like this, I suggest your logo go discreetly in the lower corner.

Remember, above all--give something you'd enjoy getting. I hope this helps!
Ronni Sherman

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