Thursday, September 16, 2010

Support Your Football Team With Promotional Custom Products

Across the United States, in small towns & big cities, football season has kicked off & avid fans are rooting for their local teams. You may be thinking that football has nothing to do with your business, that it has little to do with the services & products you provide your customers with. That line of thinking may seem logical at first, but you could not be further from the truth.

You see anything that has to do with your community directly corresponds to your company & this is a concept that all business owners should keep in mind. Becoming involved in those things that are an integral part of the community lets you put your advertising message in a place where everyone can see it. This is the ideal way to get your name out in public & get your company recognized as an important asset to your town.

There's a wide selection of promotional imprinted products, available in all price ranges, that will help support the team & your business. One important tip to keep in mind when you're ordering these advertising specialties is to make sure they are in the team colors & not your colors. Your company name & logo should be prominent though......after all, you're promoting your business. If there's room, you can also display the team's name.

Here are a few suggestions for customized promotional items that will be used in the stadium & hopefully around town all season long.
1. Stadium Cushions: Not the old-fashioned vinyl ones--those had the same fate as a VCR player. They are now foam, covered with polyester. Some are foldable & can fit in a pocket while others have a sturdy back or pockets & a drink holder.
2. Drinkware: Your choices are endless......insulated coffee mugs that can keep drinks warm for the entire game are great for chilly fall nights. There's also colorful sports bottles & stainless steel bottles. Stadium cups with lids are popular at football games.
3. Foam Footballs: They come in all sizes from 5" to 9" & a large array of colors. You can get them with the stripes & laces in contrasting colors.
4. Stadium Blankets: These definitely can be embroidered with both your logo & the team's name. They are most commonly seen in fleece, but are also available in chenille & sweatshirt material. Yes, they are pricier than the other suggestions, but they make wonderful thank you & executive gifts. Don't wait for the holidays to show your appreciation to your customers......give them an early gift that will be long-remembered & more welcomed than the stale tins of popcorn they'll get in December.

It doesn't matter how large or small these promotional wholesale products are or who you give them to--what really matters is that they travel to the local football field & bring in new business for you. No matter where you live, no matter the caliber of your team, these items show your support for both the team & the community.

Good luck to your local team & to you this football season.
Ronni Sherman



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  2. Excellent advise. Getting involved is the key to good business. We do well with PeeWee Ball, Little League and AYSO. Works better for us than the high school teams. Victor

  3. Like your advise about team colors. That's something that can easily be overlooked. Like so many of your other posts, this is also a good read.