Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ceramic Coffee Mugs As Promotional Wholesale Products

You may have doubts just how effective it is to put your company name & logo on promotional custom products, but ask yourself this, "If promotional product advertising is an inadequate way to increase your business, then why are we constantly flooded with logo images every place we go?"

They are everywhere. Drive along any street or freeway where there's other cars & what do most of them have in common? A vast majority of them bear license plate frames with a dealership's name & phone number on them. Walk into fast food restaurants......their logo is on everything from the paper bags & the wrapping around their burgers to the paper cups & napkins. It's usually even imprinted on the toys in the children's meals.

Even on television, you will find that more & more companies are looking for ways to sneak their advertisement into the station's programming.  One way that they're accomplishing this is with ceramic coffee mugs. Next time you watch the local morning or evening news or tune into a daytime or late night talk show, look at the mugs sitting on top of the table. They're promotional coffee mugs with a logo facing towards the camera so the audience can see it. A subtle move, but oh so effective!

Some people will pick up on this form of advertising while others may think they don't see it. You may not realize it but your psyche is affected by these subtle images. Everytime you see your favorite anchor person, talk show host or an actor drink from a mug with the NBC logo or a mug sporting Good Morning America, it improves the image of that company. This is the best form of brand advertising.

Ok, let's be honest......a mug with your logo will not make it to a network's scheduled program; but you can still attain the same results. If it works for them, it can certainly work for you if you go after your targeted audience.

A mug with your logo can sit on desks in any business or home. Whether it's used for coffee, tea, hot chocolate or to put pens in; it's giving your logo & company name exposure. Make it colorful so it stands out & gets noticed. A bright or dark colored mug with white imprint can attract attention just as much as a mug with a multi-colored logo.

They also come in a wide assortment of shapes & sizes. Try a grande mug for more impact. Add your company name to a mug with a rounded bistro shape, one that stands on a short stem or one with stripes going around the top & bottom. You can even imprint a photo of your place of business or your product right on the mug. Now how's that for a lasting impression! Your options are endless.

Overall brand & logo recognition on a customized promotional item single-handedly does more to boost business & sales than any other form of advertising. The next time you watch a program & see that mug, think about the subtleties of the message they are sending you. This is an excellent way for you to create brand identity & company recognition for your own business. Frankly, I think it's the best way to go.

Whose logo is on the mug you're drinking from now? Whose logo should be on it?
Ronni Sherman


  1. Hey Ronni,
    This is a great way to sneak in your advertisement. I'm definitely going to implement this strategy. thanks for sharing!

    You Got To Be Hone-Able!!!

  2. Your so right we are swamped with Logos and ads everywhere. Simple little things can go viral after a while such as a simple saying on a T-Shirt. I think next time when Im watching T.V I will keep my eyes peeled and see. I will probably giggle to myself and think of you

    Steven Dean

  3. We have always stayed away from coffee mugs because we did not want them used for pen holders but rather for coffee. But you have given a whole new slant to that idea. I see it is not HOW they are being used as long as they ARE being used.
    Thank you for the novel ideas.
    We will contact you as soon as budget & time permits.

  4. Hello friends,

    Ceramic mugs can be used to drink from, to hold all that stationeries scattered on your desk, to hold car keys and even to grow small herbal plants it! Also, if the company’s custom wholesale mug is cleverly designed, it could even turn into nifty gifts. Thanks for sharing this type of nice idea with us....