Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Promotional Custom Products That Have An Impact

Do you want to give a promotional imprinted product that will wow your customers? That will make you stand out from your competition? That will attract attention from people passing by?

Think outside the box--beyond the notepad, letter opener or stress ball. What customized promotional item will make an impact with your customers? What marketing product will display your logo so it will be noticed & remembered?

This is also the beginning of October & time to start thinking about holiday gifts whether for your customers or for your employees. Give a gift that they will be sure to use & that is different from your competitors. Stay away from food items--they're expendable. Give something that will make you stand out & that they will use all year long. Keep your logo visible.

Promotional custom products that light up do just that, but here are a few other ideas. These are newer items on the market that are not only innovative, but very useful.


High tech & common sense come together for everyday safety. This stainless steel dispenser has a 16 oz capacity for soap or lotion. It's touch free sensor prevents mess & germs by automatically dispensing the liquid. You've seen it advertised on TV, now see it with your logo. This is sure to be a hit with everyone. It's something that belongs in every home & office.

As more & more people invest in electronics such as iPads, Kindles & other tablets it is important to have the right media storage cases to store & protect them. As portable electronics grow in popularity, companies should consider using promotional padded tablet sleeves to promote their brand. Whether a person uses their iPad in a coffee shop or at a trade show, people pay attention to the devise & the case they store it in. Consumers are intrigued by tablets & ebooks & the accessories that come with them. With all eyes on electronics, get creative with brand awareness by jumping on the portable electronics  bandwagon. Customized promotional media storage cases could be the marketing factor you need to be seen.

Winter vacation time is almost here & even if you don't have plans, many of your customers will be traveling. Whether they go by plane, car or boat......whether they go to a busy city, a tropical island or ski in the mountains......whether they travel in the U.S. or abroad, they will most likely take their smart phone, laptop, iPad, Kindle or another tablet. And a host of chargers & cords so they can stay connected even when on vacation. This light-weight neoprene computer travel accessory case can store cords & chargers. How convenient to arrive at your destination with all your cords & charges securely in one place. It's ideal for travel & probably has the same priority as luggage on wheels.

Yes, I just got through saying don't give out the same old marketing item to make an impact. And for sure, don't give the same .50 pen you've been handing out all year as your holiday gift this year. This is not the impression you want to leave with your client. But a pen is not just a pen. This stylish twist-action with a soft touch stylus is to be used on smart phones, iPads, Kindle Fires & other tablets & touch screen devices. The delicate, round, rubber tip will not scratch or harm the screens. Even with all the technology, everyone still uses a pen daily & almost everybody has a smart phone & a tablet of some kind so this combination is a natural.

Not everything has to fit in the world of technology.  As long as it's something the recipient wants, it will be used & appreciated. How about this crystal paper weight with a modern, swirling inner design? It's functional but also a work of art that be proudly displayed anywhere. Each piece is hand-made. The color, size & inner design will vary between each paper weight. It's also available with a blue inner design. This is definitely thinking outside of the box & will make a huge impression on your client. It isn't your typical tin of stale popcorn or box of candy that will be gone in a day.  I'm willing to bet they won't get two of these.  Your company will surely be remembered throughout the year.

This is a popular gift, as well as a functional one.  Just make sure when you give this, you do it with flare so it's not just another coffee mug to be stored in the back of a cupboard. Find one that is unique & will stand out & not look like the mug from the neighborhood pancake house. The one I'm featuring is a brightly colored ceramic mug with a stainless steel square base. This is not your average mug & it will draw attention to your company. Don't give an empty customized promotional mug. Fill it with wrapped candy or individual servings of coffee, hot cocoa or tea bags along with snack packs of cookies of trail mix. Be creative........make sure your mug stands out from all the rest. It should be seen daily on a desk top, not hidden on a dark shelf.

So whether you are giving a holiday gift or handing out a promotional imprinted product, think how you can differ from everyone else & make an impression that's as unique as you are. Do it with pizzazz........with flare........with creativity.

Ronni Sherman

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