Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Promotional Halloween Bags Promote Your Business & Safety

It's always a great thing when your business can promote both child safety & your company at the same time.  It's easy to do with customized promotional Halloween trick or treat bags. Many trick or treat bags have safety tips printed on stock designs. Add your custom logo & you'll help promote Halloween safety to both kids & parents while promoting your business. You can choose from a variety of bags & a wide range of colors. They're available in plastic, non-woven & a reflective metallic plastic--which adds even more safety because of the reflectiveness of the bag material.

Safety is such a huge issue on Halloween, I'm listing some tips to keep your kids safe while trick or treating:
  1. An adult should be with your child at all times.
  2. Only trick or treat in neighborhoods you deem safe--neighborhoods you know.
  3. Plan a trick or treat route in advance.
  4. Go in a larger group--for both safety & visibility.
  5. Have each child wear or carry something lit such as a glow stick, flashlight or reflective clothing.
  6. Don't carry dangerous props such as metal knives or swords.  Use plastic or flexible props.
  7. Keep your dog at home if he is nervous around crowds, a barker or biter.
  8. Trick or treat during the times when most people are out trick or treating.
  9. Check your child's candy before letting them eat it.
  10. Don't let your children wear masks or costumes that obstruct their vision.
  11. Use crosswalks when crossing streets & major intersections.
  12. Make sure your child's costume isn't too long so they don't trip  & fall.
  13. Don't go inside people's houses to get the treats.  Stay on the porches.
  14. Only trick or treat at houses that are well lit & have a porch light on.
All parents of trick or treating age children look for Halloween bags or other containers for their kids' candy. With the expense of costumes (they now cost as much as an outfit or more) & the accessories, most parents will appreciate receiving these as a gift. These bags are inexpensive & are great to give out in mass quantities for branding & marketing exposure. They are the perfect promotional imprinted product. The bags you give to your clients & prospective customers will end up in the hands of their children or the children of their friends.

In light of Halloween coming up at the end of this month, I have listed some ideas to use trick or treat bags to help market your business.  All ideas won't apply to your company, but many of them will.
  1. Use Halloween bags as a retail shopping bag when your customers purchase small merchandise.
  2. If you have a medical practice with children as patients, make sure they get the bags--maybe with some stickers inside.
  3. Realtors can hang them on neighborhood doors in place of the usual door hangers.
  4. If you provide written quotes or estimates to your clients, insert the printed quote in the Halloween bag when you deliver the estimate to them.
  5. For photographers, deliver your client's printed photos in a trick or treat bag.
  6. Give out quantities of your bags printed with your logo to businesses to pass out to kids that come in.
  7. Give out the bags to non-profit organizations that deal with children.
  8. Give out your bags at conventions that take place in October.
  9. If your company provides samples of products, put them in the trick or treat bags & hand them out.
  10. Have a display at your place of business with a sign saying FREE--TAKE ONE--& give out to your customers who have children.
  11. Insert brochures, business cards & other literature about your business in the bags & pass out around neighborhoods or businesses.
  12. Pass out enough Halloween bags to schools to give out to each student. The child will bring the bag home & that will market your business to parents.
Customized promotional Halloween bags are an inexpensive way to be noticed & remembered.

Keeping the kids (& adults) safe while trick or treating on Halloween should be a top priority for everyone.  Have a happy & safe Halloween.

Ronni Sherman

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