Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Power Of Promotional Imprinted Products

Promotional custom products work!!! When someone tells me he can't afford them, I tell him he can't afford not to invest in them. They are effective & reach out to a vast audience. They are also the most economical way to gain company recognition.  Sometimes it's the missing piece between you & your future customer. Customized promotional items are definitely a bridge between your business & the public.

Customer retention is one of the most important aspects of business. Making sure clients are happy with a brand is a key part to succeeding in a very competitive marketplace. The likelihood of business retention increases by 18 percent through the use of promotional imprinted products. Give out something with your name boldly displayed & your company will be visible day in & day out.

People want to feel appreciated & may be likely to return if they feel that the business cares. Using customized promotional items as an incentive is a great way to build relationships. The public appreciates a personal touch instead of being treated like faceless consumers on one end of transactions. Businesses can go the extra mile with these products & create a lasting bond with the people that come through their doors.

Here are the results of a survey conducted by the Advertising Specialties Institute (ASI) on the effectiveness of promotional imprinted products:
  • 92% of the people questioned believe branded promotional merchandise increases company identity.
  • 76% say they can name a brand or company/organization featured on a promotional product that's on their desk without having to look for confirmation.
  • 52% purchased from companies that gave them branded promotional merchandise--that's over half.
  • 83% would keep an item they were given rather than give it away.
Within the 92% of respondents who said promotional merchandise increases awareness:
  • 83% would keep the items for themselves.
  • 14% would pass it on to a collegue.
  • 3% would give it to a family member.
As they say, the proof is in the pudding.

Interestingly, the survey also shows that more women than men are able to recall company names of promotional custom products that were given to them.

Top 3 reasons why people keep promotional items:
  • Usefulness
  • Value of the product--how valuable it is to them.
  • Need for reference.
The survey also listed the top 10 items that people keep (in order of importance):
  1. Apparel
  2. Pens
  3. Coffee Mugs
  4. Post-It Notes
  5. Note Pads
  6. Drinkware (other than coffee mugs)
  7. Shopping Bags
  8. Mouse Pads
  9. Calendar Desk Pads/ Calendars
  10. Key Tags
With a few slight adjustments, this follows pretty close to what my customer ask for & purchase. I find pens are #1 while apparel is further down on the list. Insulated drinkware & sport bottles are more popular with my customers than coffee mugs. The key tags--that's surprising........those are not on my top 10 & haven't been for several years.

The top 10 that my customers want the most:
  1. Pens
  2. Note Pads/ Sticky Notes
  3. Shopping & Tote Bags (all sizes & styles)
  4. Drinkware (other than mugs)
  5. Hand Sanitizers 
  6. Lip Balm
  7. Ceramic Coffee Mugs
  8. Stress Items
  9. Mouse Pads
And there's a tie for 10th:
          Desk Top Cell Phone Holders & Apparel

So the main question shouldn't be "why?", but "what". What promotional items should you buy that will benefit your customers & your company as well?  Good luck!

Ronni Sherman

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