Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Top 12 Customized Promotional Gifts Under $10

'Tis the season for giving, but it doesn't have to be the season for empty wallets.  There are plenty of corporate gifts that your clients will enjoy but won't break the bank. So here is my pick of the top twelve customized promotional gifts under $10:

1. Drinkware:  All kinds--ceramic mugs, insulated travel tumblers, sports bottles--but make them different.  Since these are one of the most popular promotional imprinted products to give as gifts, be unusual so you stand out. Let yours be the one that's used throughout the coming year.

2. Stylus Pens: The perfect accessory for the number one wish list item.  Whether it's a smart phone or tablet, the round tip won't scratch the screens as their older counterparts did. The stylus also makes it easier to type on those tiny keyboards.

3. Flash Drives: Advertise in a flash with this much needed device. Save, store & share. You can download your own company information--personal greetings from your staff, 2013 product line, show property or merchandise--or give blank for your customers' storage.

4. Umbrellas: How many times are you left without an umbrella when all of a sudden there's that unexpected shower? Give one with a splash of color that your customer will want to use, but will also show off your logo. They're available in all sizes, shapes, colors & fun patterns.

5. Food In Personalized Containers: Nuts, candy, cookies can be given in containers that will be kept long after the food has been eaten. Save the generic boxes of candy or tins of popcorn for your competition to hand out. Yet, there's something about the holidays & sweets that just go together. Once the goodies are gone, make sure they still have something with your logo on it that will last into the new year.

6. USB Warmer For Hot Drinks: Nor more cold coffee or tea while working. This plugs into your computer & drinks will stay hot. What a treat, especially when you bring that cup of gourmet coffee you bought on your way to work. Think how excited your customers will be to get one of these!

7. Duffel Bags: Whether for sports or overnight travel, these have always been a favorite. Going to the gym, playing racket ball or taking a quick overnight car trip......these brightly colored bags will be used over & over.

8. Cell Phone Holder: Have you ever reached for a stack of papers on your crowded desk & your phone went flying? Or heard it ring but couldn't find it? This desk top phone holder keeps your cell out of harm's way & makes it convenient for you to reach for when needed.  Many styles are available but I like this one because it takes up little room & folds flat when not in use.

9. Media Sleeves: These are great for protecting IPads, Kindles & other tablets. This neoprene case is a favorite because it securely shuts & has a pen holder & an adjustable strap that's also removable. This is perfect for home, at the office, carting to a wi-fi coffee shop or traveling.

10. Reusable Tote & Shopping Bags: These have become the number 1 promotional custom product this year. Besides being eco-friendly, these give you the most bang for your buck......there's a large space for your logo to stand out & an average of 1038 people will see it a month.  Do it with flare......high gloss or metallic bags......these will make an impact & you can show off your company with style.

11. Soup Bowls With Attached Spoons: Because of simple economics or for healthy options, more people are bringing their lunch to work. Many times it's soup or pasta that can be heated in the microwave. The cold, dull sandwich is no longer a lunch staple.

12. Stuffed Animals: These are companions that can sit on an office shelf or near the computer if your customers are in a child oriented field. Children have always loved stuffed animals--& some "big" children too. All kinds of animals & sizes to choose from with personalized t-shirts.

These are not in the order of what I favor most. I think they are all good ideas that will make a hit with your clients. Think carefully of who your customers are & what industry your business is in, for these may not all fit in your field or be appropriate to your target audience.

The main thing is that whatever you give should not be the promotional imprinted products you've been giving out all year. Giving your customers the same pen or note pad as a gift will not earn you points or his business next year. You don't have to go over your budget, but his is not where you should cut corners.

This is the season of giving & please remember those who need a hot meal or a toy for their child. No, it won't have your company name or logo, but these gifts, too, go a long way.

Happy Holidays!
Ronni Sherman


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