Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Electronic Accessories As Customized Promotional Gifts

Today electronics & accessories for the products are number 1 on people's wish lists. These are the gifts that are the most sought after. Looking for a gift that will make an impact......something that will make you stand out? If you choose an item for electronics then that's exactly what you'll do. Forget the gift card (do you really want your customer to know what you spent on him?), box of candy or the paper weight--leave those for your competition.

Wow your customers with one of these suggestions below. There's something for every budget & yet you can bet these won't be stashed away & forgotten by the new year.

Stylus pens are designed to be used on touch screens & paper. The delicate round, rubber tip will not scratch or harm the screen. The tips are different than the old stylus pens that were too sharp for today's touch screen devices. And, good news, the cost has come down.

The pens are activated by twist-action or cap-action & all stylus tips are safe to use with a smart phone, tablets & other touch screen devices.

Sleeves for laptops, iPads, Kindle Fires & other tablets are vital. It seems everyone has a laptop or a tablet, but not everybody has a cover to protect them. After the major investment, a lot of people overlook the alll-important sleeves thinking it's not necessary or it can wait until a later date.

It's so important to protect & store these investments.  What a perfect gift for the holidays & what an ideal way to show off your company name & logo at the same time.

USB car chargers with dual ports are my new favorite promotional imprinted product. Stay in touch while you're on the go. You no longer will have to decide which devices gets charged first.

It's compatible with all USB charging cables including cell phones, MP players, tablets, GPS & digital cameras. A red, blue or forest green LED ring illuminates your logo in the dark.

Flash drives area as much a necessity as computers yet so many people don't have them. You can advertise in a flash by adding your logo to one of these.  It's up to you if you want to store your corporate information (a personal greeting from your staff, showing next years catalog, giving a virtual tour of your company's services) or if you want to leave it blank for your clients' data.

Save, store or share files on this easy to use device. It's a must for everyone. And if they already have one......it's one of those things where you can always use a second.

A portable mouse is something that most people won't buy for themselves but would like to receive. Are you unhappy with the mouse on your laptop? You're not the only one--a lot of people are. This fun mouse lights up when in use......your logo & outside trim will glow.

The mouse comes with a retractable cord that extends up to 30". It's slim profile & pouch make it easy to transport & store. Also great for travel.

Cell phone holders will make it easier to find your phone. Have you ever picked up a stack of papers from your desk, not realizing your mobile phone was right there & it goes flying across the room? Or you hear it ring, but can't find it? This desk top cell phone holder is the perfect solution.

This colorful phone holder has a gripper surface & if folds for easy storage or shipping. If you have customers out of your area, then this is an easy gift to get to them.

A travel case for cords & chargers is perfect for anyone who has plans for business trips or family vacations......whether they're going just a short distance or traveling abroad. This neoprene, lightweight case keeps all cords & chargers in one place & organized. It's compact & will fit in a carry-on or computer case.

Make it easier for your customer to stay connected while away with this ideal gift.

These customized promotional gifts are great in themselves & soemting that will be appreciated & used well after the holiday season. Want to make even a bigger impact? A mouse, flashdrives, USB car chargers, pens with a stylus or flashdrives & mouse pads are all available with LED lights that light up when the item is in use.  Your company name & logo will literally glow.

So whether you put your business name in lights or your logo on a gift that will last months--years, do it with style this season.  Good luck to you.

Ronni Sherman


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