Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A New Year......New Hope

Most people go back to work after the first of the year with optimism for the year ahead. No matter what the economy is we all hope for growth & that this year will be better than the last.
We want to be recognized as the business to go to......we want to be identified as the best in our field. One of the best ways & most economical ways to do this is by distributing promotional imprinted products that show off your logo & company name.

Start this year on a positive note & let people know who you are........that you are around & ready to be of service to them.

Most of the resolutions made on New Years Eve center around losing weight & getting in shape. It's a known fact that around 80% of these resolutions are forgotten by the end of February.

But what about your business? How many of you made resolutions to work harder hoping for bigger profits & to be more prominent in the public's eye? Or how many of you gave up before the year started, shrugged your shoulders saying: "it's the economy"? Some of the nation's largest businesses have sprung out of the depression or recession, so don't blame it on the economy & don't give up in the first couple months of this year.

Take steps to ensure you can rise above any economy. Make 2013 the year to do it!

You actually don't have to work that hard to get the attention from your clients or prospective customers. Let your logo do the work for you & take your name to places you don't go. A small investment in customized promotional items can bring about a big return. But invest wisely.

Follow these four rules about promotional marketing & chances are you will find your business has expanded:

1. A well-executed marketing strategy: Your competition never sleeps--& you need to remember that & stay on your toes all the time. You need to stand above your competition to be noticed. Keep your promotional items out there to be seen......distribute, distribute, distribute! Don't leave them in a storage closet for a special event or special clients. And most important, don't run out. Make sure you always have something on hand with your logo.

2. Make sure it's relevant to your business & of use to your customer: I've said this over & over & because it's so very important, I'll keep saying it until I retire this blog. Don't just buy something to give out because it was on sale or you didn't have time to give it more thought. A marketing item that your customer won't use or worse, stash in the back of a desk drawer or throw away won't do you any good. And they won't remember you unless it's by the junk you gave them.

3. Stay in touch & they will remember you: Your market has a short memory. Your customers are perpetually being bombarded with new offers, new products & new special deals. Your audience can soon forget you in your world of growing competition. So keep reminding them with your promotional imprinted products.  Hand them out often. Earlier I said don't run out--make sure your recipients don't run out.  People love receiving free gifts.

4. Make quality a priority: A pen is a good item to give out, but a pen that skips when it writes or won't close properly will not give your company a good image. What you give out reflects your business & what it stands for. Saving .10 - .20 on a pen could cost you a lot more in the long run. I used a pen as an example, but this goes for any promotional item you choose.

All four of the above are an absolute must if you want to succeed in marketing your business. One is not more important than the other & one should not be excluded as you execute a plan to use promotional custom products.

Hope this will be a successful & prosperous year for all of you.  Good luck!
Ronni Sherman

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