Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cell Phones In The Workplace

How many of you use your smart phones at the office for things other than an occasional phone call?  C'mon, be honest.  You're not alone.  Last summer, a Harris interactive poll discovered new information about cell phone usage in the workplace.

The bad news for employers? 63% of Americans surveyed believe that people glance at their cell phones during work meetings & 74% of Americans believe people use their smart phones at work to conduct activities they wouldn't do on the company computer. These activities include:
  • 52% look for another primary job
  • 47% visit an online dating service
  • 46% look for a side job
  • 37% research an embarrassing illness/condition
  • 33% shop for lingerie
  • 24% watch TV shows, full-length feature films or sports events
  • 20% investigate plastic surgery options
  • 3% watch pornography

The good news for your brand? Promotional cell phone accessories must obtain lots of impressions throughout the work week! This seems to be the new #1 customized promotional item for 2013. More good news......there's something for every budget.

So what are the most popular techniques for sneaking a peek at cell phones? Top tactics for pulling out a smart phone at the office include:
  • 47% hiding the mobile devise under the table
  • 42% excusing oneself to go to the restroom
  • 35% hiding the smart phone in folders, notebooks or papers
  • 9% pretending to tie one's shoes
  • 8% creating a distraction

As global society becomes more & more reliant on smart phones to function, businesses should capitalize on the advertising potential of cell phone add-ons & accessories. From protective cases to charging stations & desktop phone stands, promotional cell phone accessories are fun, useful & create many options as promotional imprinted products.

So start out the new year with this new trend in promotional custom products. Here are some ideas for you to consider:

Cell phone protective case with removable strap.

Desktop cell phone stand.

Multi-use media stand w/ sticky note & sticky flag holder.

Stylus ballpoint pen.

USB car charger.

These aren't going to be shoved in the back of a desk drawer or pawned off on someone else. They are definite keepers, so put your logo on one of them & start your 2013 marketing program with this new staple in the world of technology.

Jump on the technology bandwagon & stand out.
Ronni Sherman

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  1. 5 days a week I see clients in their offices. I'll start to look around & see if I can spot anyone using their phone. It will be interesting.