Monday, March 7, 2011

Imprinting Methods On Customized Promotional Items

After months of indecision about what promotional custom product you should hand out, you finally decide on a pen because you know it will be used & your company name will be seen.  Now the big decision & what you hope will be your final decision.......what pen will fit your budget & show off your logo best. You finally opt for bright colored plastic ones when your distributor gives you choices for, multi-color or doming.

This is not unusual & depending on the promotional gift you're interested in, you might find a range of choices available for how you would like your logo to be applied.  The decision can be made easily if you understand the different methods.  Here's a run-down of the techniques used in imprinting along with some of the items they are applied on.

As you will see, many products have options of more than one imprinting procedure. It's not as overwhelming as it looks--the manufacturers or vendors of promotional imprinted products will limit the selection for you by advising what will work the best. Many times the technique is dependent on the item chosen & the material it is made from. If you have a reliable advertising specialty company you use; they, too, will  help you decide how your company name will look it's best on the marketing item you chose.

Direct Printing:  traditional screen process printing or, where applicable, pad printing.  
    (plastic pens, letter openers, mouse pads, clipboards, tote & shopping bags)

Transfer Printing:  for fine resolution, precise registration & full wrap printing.
    (ceramic mugs & translucent plastic sport bottles, athletic & tote bags)

Full Color Printing:  for effective & stunning multi-color print; branding without compromising on design & color.
    (almost anything that can have direct or transfer imprint; paper products) 

Engraving:  for presenting our brand in a smart & exquisite manner; permanent branding which can't be removed.
    (metal pens, wooden & acrylic desk accessories, jewelry)

Foil Blocking:  high quality chrome colored finish to your logo or business name--usually in gold or silver. not all manufacturers offer this.
    (almost anything that can have direct or transfer imprint)

Doming: an epoxy dome, great for multi-colored logos & designs.
    (mostly seen on clips of pens, letter openers, bag clips)

Debossing:  indentationn of  your logo, brand or text--subtle & classy.
    (leather & leatherette products like portfolios, computer cases, passport folders)

Embroidery:  for a great one color or multi-color woven look for your logo or company name.
    (fleece apparel, polo shirts, baseball caps, blankets, sport bags, cloth portfolios) 

I hope this helps you decide how your logo will stand out & make the sharpest impact.
Ronni Sherman

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