Monday, March 28, 2011

Identical Promotional Questions From Different Professional Fields

When a client or prospective customer contacts me regarding their marketing campaign & they want to buy promotional imprinted products, most of them have a similar question......what can they hand out that will differentiate them from their competition & at the same time, will make an impact on the consumer.

Here are two actual requests I received. Both clients are in different fields, yet they have a common concern: what can they do to be different? What promotional items will make them stand out & be remembered? A promotional wholesale product can't be randomly chosen because you think it's a cool item to distribute. It needs to represent your business & still be useful to the recipient.

A director of an assisted living facility where residents are active & participate in planned activities, asked me: "When they move in we give them welcome gift baskets. I'd like to include something with our logo on it that isn't too commercial looking & is not the usual pill box or other health aid."

There are many products that would make good customized promotional gifts for residents in assisted living or retirement communities. The first thing that comes to mind are decks of cards with your logo on the back of each card. Another thought that could be a life-saver if they should fall or have a crisis when alone in the dark is a night light or tap light that has your emergency phone number.  How about a small photo album so pictures of their family are organized & close by? Hard or chocolate candy with your logo imprinted on the wrapper or a box of cookies with your name on the package are also welcoming gifts. Instead of using a basket, an imprinted candy or cookie jar could be the container & a useful gift all in one. This definitely would be a comforting touch of home.

Realtors are known for giving out notepads with their pictures on them, magnets or wind shield scrapers, but one of my customers didn't want to do this. He wanted to step out of the box & give something less ordinary. "What can I give out that is different, but still in that price range? Ideally it should be something that can be left on the front porch or door step."

The first thing that I can think of are biodegradable plastic shopping bags that are reusable. They have a large area for your advertising message plus it shows you care about the environment. And you can hang them on the door handle.  Since you want to leave these at the front door of a residence, how about something useful in the kitchen with your logo prominently displayed that they will see everyday? Some ideas are jar openers in the shape of a house, chip bag clips, measuring cups, pizza cutters, cake servers or an ice cream scoop. Hot pad holders are used in every household. An imprinted packet of seeds--flowers for the yard, herbs or an indoor plant. Here is another idea......if you have the budget, flash drives showing homes that you've sold in the area--even in this economy. This shouldn't be left on the doorstep but is good to give when you meet with a prospective client. Whatever you choose, make sure it's bright & cheerful......color will make you stand out.

The director of the assisted living facility & the realtor had different goals in giving out their promotional custom products. One was using it as a gift & one was using it as a sales tool; yet, they both helped me come up with suggestions by telling me how they were going to use the promotions. And most important, they targeted their audience. Those are two key points you need to address before buying any marketing item.

I hope this helps you decide on a promotional item that will keep your name in front of your client.  Good luck!
Ronni Sherman

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