Monday, March 14, 2011

New Trends In Promotional Imprinted Products

Using advertising specialties to promote your business is a proven method to generate company identity. However, the promotional world is shifting. Gone are the days where putting a logo on a standard stick or click pen will suffice. Companies are looking to differentiate themselves & their brand with customized promotional items. Showcasing your logo on a product that reflects your brand & is relevant to the recipient has become even more important.

Following some key consumer & marketing trends when choosing promotional imprinted products can increase the success of your advertising campaign.

THE TECHNOLOGY TREND: The increase in technology, social media & mobile accessibility is affecting all industries. Everyone wants to have the newest gadget or the hottest product on the market. Align your company with this craze & look for items that demonstrate you are in tune with the times. iPod accessories, travel speakers, digital frames & flash drives are at the top of the promotional product trend list this year. Believe it or not, this catagory has items that fit most budgets.

TROUBLE-FREE TRAVEL: Traveling should be a stress-free experience, but with the change in regulations & the long lines, many people need a yoga class to destress after a day of trekking through the airport. Security friendly computer bags are a great item because there is no need to remove your computer......simply unzip the bag & lay it flat on the belt & send it through the x-ray machine. Another good item are the plastic bags TSA requires for all liquids. There's plenty of room for your logo & company contact info & if your client requires your assistance while enroute, your information is within reach. How many people are afraid of not locating their luggage? Luggage tags that light up while going down the carousel identifies their baggage & illuminates your logo.

NEW WAYS TO STAY GREEN: Ever since the eco trend started, the polypropylene non-woven bags have been an instant hit but now laminated totes are the new craze. Many are preprinted in fun,colorful designs that will make your logo stand out. Pens, an assortment of plastic items, note pads & notebooks or apparel are all made from recycled materials. Now it's easy to find a promotional wholesale product that is also eco-friendly.

HEALTH & FITNESS CRAZE: Everything centers around your health & keeping fit today. It's simple to put your company name or logo on a marketing item that follows this trend. Pedometers, travel size bottles of hand sanitizers, canisters of antiseptic wipes, tubes of sunscreen are just a few suggestions of what's out there to show your company is concerned about health issues.

A NEW TWIST TO OLD FAITHFUL: Sometimes a traditional product is what you need for your promotion. Since a pen can go from hand-to-hand like a dollar bill does, it's a very effective way to circulate  your company name. But even a pen has changed it's image to keep up with the times......there's some that have a flash drive in the barrel, gel pens, combination highlighter/pen & ballpoints made from recycled materials. Many have a distinctive design in the grip or your logo can float in the barrel. Cut-out shapes that reflect your business have replaced the square or rectangle sticky notes. They're also available with beveled edges to give your advertising message more pizzazz.

Stay in touch with current trends & choose to put your logo on something a bit non-traditional this year. It will increase the chances of your promotional custom product being used again & again & this will add to the exposure of your company.

And that's what promotional items are all about! Good luck!
Ronni Sherman



  1. Nice post about new trends of promotional products. It is necessary that we have to update yourself with new trends in the market.

  2. We must fit in the old faithful section. I'm not so sure we put a new twist on it. We tried with the eco pens, but went right back to our old ones with a grip. Those pens and notepads work for us. The most important advise you give when we order from you is: color, color, color.

  3. Thanks for your kind words.Promotional Pencils are typically used for a variety of objective.

  4. Nice article and also very true! I am a small business owner and I honestly believe people underestimate the benefits of
    Promotional Products. Last year around Christmas time, we sent out around 250 coffee mugs and assorted color pens to customers whose contact information we had and also to several surrounding businesses. The response was amazing!Our phones were ringing off the hook and it seemed everywhere we turned, someone had one of our colored pens. Promotional products really are a great and inexpensive way to get your company the positive exposure it needs.

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