Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Summertime Promotional Wholesale Products

Hello spring! This week is the first week of spring & for most of us it's a welcome sign. Warmer weather & summer are just around the corner. Somehow everything looks more positive this time of year. And why not, it's the season of rebirth. Sunshine & optimism are all around us.

Bring this promising aura into your business. Now is an excellent time of year to boost your sales, create revenue & increase traffic. Look around you......what can you do to refresh your company's image? This is the perfect time to start up your summertime promotions & advertising campaigns. Sometimes a new look is needed to grab the public's attention.

Has your logo been on the same pen or the same notepad month after month? Here are a few summertime promotional imprinted products to make your brand shine:

1. Beach Balls: This is my all time favorite......it's fun, it's used over & over & it has a large advertising space for your name to be seen at a distance. Your logo will bounce along the coast or in a backyard around the pool. Take it on family vacations, camping trips or a day at the beach. They take up little space before they're blown up so it's a perfect customized promotional item to give out a trade show.

2. Sport Bottles: These are great because wherever they go, so does your company name & they are taken everywhere. They're available in a wide array of sizes, shapes & colors--bright colors that will make your business stand out. They also come in a variety of options, including nalgene bottles, aluminum & stainless steel water bottles, BPA free bottles & ones that are made from recycled products.

3. Koozies: These are fun promotional custom products that will keep beverages insulated & your logo in the hands of your target audience. They are perfect for the beach, a sunday outside get-together, sporting events, convention give-aways & fund raisers. They come in many sizes that will fit cans, bottles & even wine. There's also a large assortment of colors.

4. Seed Packets: Promote effectively by giving a gift that blooms. Customized seed packs are hot, new marketing tools that provide an interactive experience & a lasting impression. They are available in a variety of types: organic vegetables, fruits, wildflowers, garden flowers & more. You can even get a money tree......how's that for an idea to promote your business! They can come with imprinted planters that sit on a desk or window sill.

5. Flying Discs: Frisbees have become a popular sport & can be seen in parks, at beaches--almost anywhere people gather during the summer months. Let your logo fly through the air & be noticed on these bright colored discs.

6. Golf Items: Whether at a private club or a public course, your company name can be seen. Your options are endless......tees, balls, markers, towels, gloves & yes, go for it--put your logo on an umbrella. Show that you care about what is going on in your community & give them out at a golf fund-raiser. Your clients & prospective customers who are golfers will appreciate anything you give them that has to do with the sport. Your company name will be seen rolling around a golf course & you will be remembered.

7. T-Shirts: The weather is warmer & people are wearing lighter weight clothing & short sleeves. T-shirts are walking billboards & they are taking your company name to places where you haven't been. Just look around you & notice all the t-shirts......most of them are imprinted & many of them advertising a business. They boldly show off a logo & what the company is all about is prominently displayed. They are worn, they are read & they are noticed.

8. Baseball caps: Wherever you go, men & young boys are wearing these caps (unless you're at the theater or a black tie affair).  And rarely will you see one that doesn't have an advertising message or logo on it. Like the t-shirts, they will also go where you won't & will vividly display your company name everywhere.

Offering promotional imprinted products during the summer months is effective because the days are longer, people are active & they are spending more time outdoors. No matter how big or small your business is or what industry you may be in, summertime promotions are a fun & wise way to boost your brand. Just make sure you hand out quality items that people will use repeatedly.

You may take a vacation this summer, but your company name won't as long as it's on products that will be seen & used by the public.

I hope this will help give your business a sizzling boost. Good luck!
Ronni Sherman

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